Why is it critical for food outlets to get their online presence right?
How TillTech can streamline and enhance your online presence
24 January

It sounds obvious right? It really is not!

Let us start with goals often heard, we want people to book tables, we want people to order food, we want to sell extras like tickets for events or own products, we want to engage with people, we want to inform people regularly, we want to see what people are doing in our platforms (drop-off cart abandonment etc) and in larger cases looking to cover franchising opportunities, recruitment and more.

So next the biggest consideration is needing it to work flawlessly with a likely 4-10 other systems in place for other areas of the business, failing to do this is proven to raise overheads anywhere from 15-40%, increase error rates and increase turnover of team members!

The harsh reality of getting it wrong can be the difference between make or break

even when you have the best grub in town.

As you might be starting to see a website should and can be a bit more than that free page builder promises and more than likely is an integral part of your businesses DNA. Of course, it needs to look great but again just like that amazing looking food, that does not taste great, it will fail to really work the way you want it to and keep people coming back for more if it is not structured correctly.

There are so many shortcuts out there and unfortunately many of the biggest and “best” use them. One of the most common and detrimental is external linking for service provision, so when I click to go and look at a menu to order online it takes me to a different site/service to facilitate it, the same can be true for everything from booking tables to buying gift cards. Trust is a big part of online journeys alongside simplicity, so we also start looking into how many clicks does it take to get to what I want to do and where do I have to go. You will never see this on any serious system or website due to the creation of one of the biggest drop-off rates in the journeys just from the external site jump, many then create multiple unnecessary stages or clicks leading to more drop-off and so on. You are also giving away your traffic, insights, control and data at one of the most critical stages of the buying process, I am not going to talk about the value of data, it should speak for itself by now!

Think about reading a news item about a new dish you have added to your menu, it talks about combinations for the best experience, drinks and maybe a dessert to finish it off perfectly, the difference was you can add the various items to your order as you read from within the article, click checkout/confirm and it is already in the kitchen with the chefs. Really simple if you have a wonderfully unified system, the other side is a murky void with endless repetitions, confusing routines and sub optimal performance in almost every area.

Everything here is important but we are only scratching the surface in reality, from inception if you approach from a different angle, you might see something you never had thought possible and a result that actually delivers what is needed. (without needing to re-mortgage the house!)

With TillTech all of the above and more is yours out of the box in one easy to use yet extremely powerful platform.

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