Website content copyright
15 May

Website content copyright

At the start of each year we receive multiple requests to update a websites copyright date. Many people believe that this makes your website more current and is the best practice for keeping it up to date.

What is copyright?

Copyright refers to your rights as the owner of your intellectual property. It is there to protect you as the owner of your content- could be phtoos, logos, images, written text, etc and can lastfor

How long does copyright last?

This varies by country and industry, in the UK copyright protection for published work can last between 25 years from creation to 70 years after an author's death. Copyright protection starts as soon as a work is created. Once your copyright has expired, anyone can use or copy your work. The length of copyright depends on the type of work. More info on UK copyright can be found on

What should I add to my website?

The most common formats are

Copyright © [START DATE]. [COMPANY NAME]. All rights reserved.

If you are worried this looks out of date and want to highlight bringing it to current day could add the current year too

Copyright © [START DATE] - [TODAYS DATE]. [COMPANY NAME]. All rights reserved.

Find out more

More information on UK copyright can be found at:-