Custom notes per item - are they ever a good idea?
07 May

Custom notes per item - are they ever a good idea?

Tilltech has the option to add a ‘custom note’ to each product, but should we?

There’s a lot of business owners that want their customers to be happy and do what they can to make their ordering experience positive, you may think this would include giving people the option to alter their ordered dish to their requirements, they may want a different sauce, less spice, more nuts or just to tell you about an allergy.

Is a custom note the right place for this information? On the one hand this section allows the customer to detail exactly what it is they want; will this differ too much from the original menu? If extra spice is an option, do you want everyone to have that option? Would you forever be altering sauces for people if the option is there? Would it be better to allow those that want a spicier/milder sauce to write it in? That certainly seems like the easier option from a chefs point of view but from a business owners point of view?

So how do i allow these customisations?

Modifiers - these can even default to what the meal/item comes with and display for changes/customisation

That little box opens up a can of worms. If someone was to ask for extra nuts in there, do you give them for free? If they’re really cheeky and ask for no chicken but king prawns instead how does the extra cost for the prawns get charged, it can’t, not easily! And if you don’t follow through with that request will your customer take offence when their requirements are not met. If someone wants bones taking out of a duck leg and the meat shredding, does that add extra pressure for an already busy kitchen when it’s something your customer can do at home themselves?

While this box may seem like a useful place for information, does it also allow customers to take advantage and add items or ask for extra without a charge being made or to make requests that just aren’t logical, practical or even possible.

So why is the custom notes box there?

Well there are a few situations - generally bespoke customisations where this box can be very effective - e.g. if you allow custom text on a cake - this is the perfect way to facilitate that easily to your customers

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