Secrets to Successful Blogs
08 July

Secrets to Successful Blogs

Don’t panic. Starting a blog can be daunting but everyone has to start somewhere. First off we are not saying you need to write a 1,000 word article, a blog does not have to be a lengthy read just something enticing and engaging for your audience.

This blog about blogs, is directed at business owners who have a blog section on their website but do not use it, whatever reason that may be. Don’t know what to write? Don’t know how to write an article? Don’t have time? Let’s address these points and a couple more.

Why should I blog on my website?

Adding blogs to your website has countless benefits, we will run through a few of these below:-

  • 1. Significantly boost your search engine ranking - it shows the search engines (Google, Bing etc) that the website is regularly updated fresh with content and increases visitor time on site - things search engines value highly
  • 2. More traffic - its not only search engines that love fresh new content - so do your customers - let them know whats going on and what they are missing - FOMO
  • 3. Connect with your customers - share your latest news, highlight new products or services and keep them coming back
  • 4. Convert traffic into leads - now you have an increase in traffic you have an opportunity to convert that traffic into a customer


Now that you have added a blog, you should also try to include keywords. Keywords are search terms that have been used to find you on the web.. You can find more information about what keywords customers are using to find you via your Google analytics and Google search console account and try to include these in your blogs. These could be your best selling products and or your geographic location.

Provides customers an easy place to find information

Your website should answer any questions your potential and current customers have about your business and products. Have you released a new offer? Do you have a new product? Have you participated in any community events? Are you hosting an event?

Your blog is the perfect place to put this information and as with the above when talking about your business you will naturally add in more keywords as you talk

How do I let people know about new blogs?

Social media has been great for advertising and developing a community around your business. But too often we see businesses giving more focus on social media than their own website, when in reality most people find businesses that are found by an initial google search. Other avenues you can use to drive traffic to your site are:-

  • 1. Social Media
  • 2. Email
  • 3. Push Notifications

Help yourself get more views and more organic traffic to your website and mobile app by sharing the links of your blogs to social media.

One of the other advantages is that when customers are on your website or app they are more likely to enquire or buy your products.

Length of blogs

We are all used to seeing bloggers talk about their favourite subject and this can often lead into 10 minute reads. That is not necessarily your aim with your blogs.

Your aim here is to advertise products, events and news about your business and make this information easily accessible. Too long and customers will not be engaged. So keep it short and sweet to the point.

Even if it is 1 or 2 lines promoting your offer that’s for this weekend only, get the information on your blog and out to your customers. Keep it simple and to the point, you are not trying to win the Booker Prize

Of course one of the main problems business owners have is time. As part of your marketing strategy, including social media posts, leafleting, google ads etc, it is just as important to make time to add blogs to your website and include this within the time you normally set aside for marketing. So make sure you adding blogs is up there, this is something you may find is better delegated or you can contact the TillTech team who will always be happy to assist.

What content should I include?

  • 1. A great title Easy to understand and a little mystery are a great way to spark interest and invite people to read more
  • 2. Interesting relavant content, be real and don't forget to include your key words
  • 3. A strong opening paragraph - this preview is also shared when your link is shared to social media and search engines
  • 4. Keep it short and sweet - this is not a novel - it should be short, uncluttered and easy to skim read with key points highlighted and hard to miss. Good colour contrast and simple fonts.

Till Tech offers a powerful solution for your blog and marketing needs.

Within a couple of clicks you can post your blog on your website & apps then easily share this across the platforms you wish.

With our technology solutions we can reduce the stress on you and your team.