Price Your Menu To Help Turn A profit
19 May

Price Your Menu To Help Turn A profit

Restaurants profits are hugely determined by its menu prices. Finding the right balance between costs and menu prices helps to ensure your restaurant is financially healthy.

Our TillTech system takes out all the hard work and will calculate cost per dish for you!

TillTech also produces live data so you are always up to speed!

According to studies in order to run a financially healthy business the average restaurant keep their food costs between 28% to 35% of the menu price. This is from fast food to fine dining.

With TillTech it is so easy to adjust your current menu prices so you can find the perfect line from costs to prices.

With adjusting menu prices you need to take into consideration the following:

  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) The total cost of everything to make the menu item. From condiments to the packaging.
  • Service and delivery fees
  • Net Profit

Keeping costs down and pricing menu items properly can make or break a restaurant!

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