Order Ready Screens
10 October

Order Ready Screens

What is an order ready screen?

You will have seen them in the large chains, a screen near or above the collection point, letting customers know if their order number is preparing and then moves to ready, when it is available to collect.

Why use an order ready screen?

  • This reduces the customer anxiety of wait times. If they can see it is preparing, even if only on a screen they can feel more relaxed. They know the order has been received and staff are preparing it.
  • Less shouting from your staff. Your staff are used to it, all day working in a busy and loud environment.
  • However, for your customer, this is not what they want when they come to order food. A staff member repeatedly shouting out an order number can make people feel uncomfortable and become irritated

    A good example of this is customers might be on their phones with headphones in, so an order ready screen is a great way for those customers to see when their order is ready and not have staff repeatedly shouting the same number again and again. This does not affect the customer with headphones in, but the shouting will make other customers and those in the queue uncomfortable.

  • Customers interrupt staff less. Customers can see where they are in the queue and can see how busy you are. This will help to prolong customers' patience, as they can see exactly how many orders are in front of them.
  • Order-ready screens help to separate areas of the restaurant. Customers will instinctively line up behind the order ready screen. Keeping your till queues clear, preventing confusion, and enabling you to serve customers quicker. This all helps to achieve an efficient restaurant flow.

Order ready screens are available in Till Tech and when also utlising our Interactive Kitchen Display Screen technology, you can greatly improve the workflow and efficiencies within your restaurant or takeaway.