Off the shelf software solution vs bespoke
8 April

Off the shelf software solution vs bespoke

Traditionally these are separate things, you either go for one or the other knowing full well why you have ended up with either reduced costs for limited or not perfect fit tools or a big bill and potentially still the same headache with tools.

out of the box and for a fraction of the cost as you and many others are effectively contributing to the platforms growth and enhancements. For lots of places this is also enough, at least for as far as they can see at that point in time but often as markets evolve, sentiments shift and time rolls by things will change with some level of unpredictability always present.

So then we look at bespoke which straight away most know is not cheap to go truly custom, your own code no cheats! In the middle and a bit cheaper is using integrations and plugins but this again almost always leads to the same set of issues as off the shelf with the addition of having to learn multiple interfaces, systems and more. Truly custom will also take time to hone down and really mould into something impressive but will yield better results when it comes to how everything works. Ongoing support, updating and enhancements will all come with more added cost which considering the rapidity of change in the various marketplaces often leads to unmanageable costs over the longer term.

There are actually lots of clear pros and cons for both but there need not be! We provide an off the shelf solution with the capabilities to customise and build out however much you might want. What we provide is much like a suit, come and try it on, for many the standard size will fit perfectly and provide everything you need, however the option always exists to alter or add to. Ongoing it means you don’t have ballooning upkeep costs, you will find new features and cutting edge additions added naturally over time and during that time you have operational effectiveness and oversight everywhere you might need it.

Deployed well, off the shelf unified commerce solutions are truly impressive from a functionality and cost viewpoint. They can still be limiting in many instances, so the key is to make sure both the current and upcoming plans match well to yours if you do not have the option to customise on top.

Through working with 1000`s of locations and brands in both the UK and EU we have not only built up one of the most comprehensive and diverse set of features and control options of any platform, we have been on so many journeys we can add a wealth of experience and insight to back up an already world class platform. Most uniquely our insight covers online, mobile app, in-store, mobile trucks, popup locations, warehousing and HR, amongst others, leading to very well-informed advice, no guessing here.

We also understand every business is different and those small nuances can often be critical to ongoing growth and success, so if you want to talk to us about painful integrations, mixed confusing payment solutions, disjointed websites and mobile apps, alienated EPOS systems, expensive 3rd party commissions and how they all give you headaches, reduced capabilities and balloon overheads our ears are open, just don’t expect it to be the first time we have heard the story!

With TillTech all of the above and more is yours out of the box in one easy to use yet extremely powerful platform.

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