TillTech helps maximise the capacity of your kitchen!
19 May

TillTech helps maximise the capacity of your kitchen!

TillTech helps reduce errors and improve efficiency!

  • Fast and easy to use touchscreens are a huge benefit for your restaurant.
  • See order progress quickly and easily with colour coding.
  • Setting up multiple food stations ensures every menu item is in the right place.
  • Let customers know order statuses with notifications directly to their phones!
  • Utilise kitchen throttle to help ensure that volumes do not exceed the kitchens ability to fulfil orders by staggering them!
  • Easy access item photos and recipes for whenever staff need them
  • Detailed item rejects to keep your staff in the know!
  • Ticket times displayed and much more!
  • Integration with Just Eat and UberEats sending orders direct to your kitchen

With TillTech all of the above and more is yours out of the box in one easy to use yet extremely powerful platform.

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