Google and Apple Pay
16 November

Google and Apple Pay

Another amazing feature for you and your customers is now implemented within Till Tech with thanks to our payment partners, EVO Payments and Cardstream.

Google and Apple payments are now available for your customers to make payment on your app & website.

It has now never been easier for you to take payment from your customers. With 1 click, no card details required, your payment systems are seamless and lightning fast.

The Benefits of Google & Apple Pay

  • 1 Click Payments
  • No Physical Cards
  • Improved Security
  • No Logins and Passwords

This all means trouble free payments for you as well as your customer. This will reduce the amount of customers having trouble making payment, when 9 times out of 10, they are entering the wrong details. It’s time to make it easy for everyone.

What is Google and Apple Pay?

These payment methods are known as mobile wallets. Customers can add their card details to their mobile wallet, which as you guessed it, is typically stored on their mobile phone. This allows customers to have their cards accessible through that device and pay online or instore without having to remember a card number or enter a pin ever again.

These mobile wallet services are surging in popularity with them accounting for 1/3rd of all online payments in 2020, more than debit card transactions at 29%. With the continued growth in the use of mobile devices in every aspect of our lives, this trend surely set to rise.

Improved Security

Due to the fact the cards are stored on a device and most people use fingerprint recognition with added security for unlocking them, it makes mobile devices much less desirable to steal, than say a wallet or a purse containing bank cards.

Online fraud is also less likely. With customers not having to enter in their card details and personal details, this information cannot be captured by phishing scams or other sophisticated tactics.

How To Enable Google And Apple Pay

You must be an existing customer with EVO Payments utilising online payment services from cardstream.

If you would like to set up online payments please email and we will arrange for EVO Payments to contact you.

If you are already using EVO Payments for online shopping and would like to enable google and apple pay please email for setup instructions.