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03 December

Get Engaged

How you collect your data and subsequently use it is so important and actually has deep impact in many places you might not initially realise. It is also crucial to creating resilience and strong foundations to rely on even in the toughest of times.

Making it easy to see what is going on after that is also a key factor in building strong and reliable results, time after time.

The above data is gathered from online customers both web and mobile app, in-store visitors, Wi-Fi users, sign up forms and loyalty schemes. Traditionally hard to pull together and even harder to then follow, track back or interrogate in general.

This specific email was created and sent in under 10 minutes and the screenshot is from 4 days later.

The clients monthly costs are around £150, people talk about ROI and well, you tell us what you think? With turnover in excess of 2 million annually and annual costs under £2000 we are changing the way things work in a big way, it is not just cheaper and easier, it’s more effective too.

This is just the tip of the iceberg mind you, our solutions are slashing costs in multiple areas of this business alongside providing more convenient, faster options for their customers and staff alike.

We are data focussed and as such, knowing people post all kinds of claims online, are happy to show you live stats and corresponding sales reports so you can see the facts for yourself. This is also not some one hit wonder, we can show you repetitive results in dozens of sectors from restaurants to barber shops, boutiques, bakeries, cafes, night clubs and even farms!

If you want better results and a far easier route to manage, monitor and grow your business, then come and have a chat.

N.B Some of the areas our platform covers include:-

  • Self Service Kiosks
  • Order/pay at table
  • Automated contactless ticket sales and redemption
  • Point of sale terminals
  • Kitchen management screens
  • Stock control
  • Warehouse/Distribution solutions
  • Anomaly reporting (potential theft identification)
  • Marketing tools
  • Loyalty Scheme
  • Wi-Fi Management
  • Payment Solutions and much much more...