February 2023 New Features
31 January

February 2023 New Features

We have a bumper release list this month.

Valentines Landing Page and Love Hearts

We have released the valentines landing page to all sites. Now you can have your own dedicated valentines landing page. All you need to do is enable it, add images and some text.

Enable valentines page by:

  • Go to Settings
  • Settings
  • Website Settings
  • Look for the drop down Valentines Page. Set This to yes
  • Press Save

You will now see the page on your navigation bar of your website and in your mobile app. Open the page, enter the website editor and start adding content.

Kitchen Ticket Settings

Now you can customise your Kitchen Tickets. You can choose the size of any of the text on the kitchen tickets to ensure the details important to you and your team are prominent.

  • Go to Settings
  • Settings
  • Kitchen Settings
  • Press the tab "Kitchen Ticket Settings"
  • Press Save when you've made your changes

The sizes are stored in PX.

If a field is set to 0 it will permanently hide this information from your Kitchen Receipt

Max size of text is 80px

The preview on the right will update as you change the values.

A full guide is in the knowledgabase. Search for Kitchen Ticket Settings

Add QR Codes To Receipts

Something that recently came about was putting a QR code on a receipt.

Now this might link to a special offer, but we are seeing great success of people linking to reviews sites such as google or tripadvisor to drive views.

In the knowledgebase look for the guide: Add QR Code to a receipt.

Membership Numbers and Expiry Date

If you run a membership scheme you can now add an Membership Number and Expiry Date to a user account. This will then display when the customer is assigned to sale.

You can add these details via View Users. On the Edit Details page at the bottom you will see 2 fields:
  • Membership Number
  • Expiry Date

Merge Sales & Bookings (Instant & Dine In Only)

Available on instant and dine-in sales opened in the last 24 hours which do not yet have any payments on the sale. While this feature does provide extra flexibility we do advise you keep an extra close eye on unclosed sales/tables in the last 24 hours and may be a feature to consider for management.

Make sure your staff are logged in with their own login and correct permission level. You do not want anyone having access to this.

We recommend setting this so only admins can merge tables.

See the guides in the knowledgebase:

  • Enabling Table Merging
  • How To Merge Tables

Move Items Between Sales (Instant & Dine In Only)

The same caveat from merge tables applies to this. These features, allow more flexibility of your system, but with more flexibility opens up the potential of misuse.

We recommend setting this to admin only

Find the guides in the knowledgebase:

  • Enable Move Items
  • How To Move Items

Warehouse Updates

We have released some further updates to the warehouse management section and now stores can choose to order from a supplier or from your warehouse, without having to change settings each time.