Explore Salon Tech - Video
26 April

Explore Salon Tech - Video

Our Salon solution covers almost every area of your business, bringing simplicity and convenience to both your teams and clients whilst ensuring best practices for you and your data for total peace of mind.

What’s more with this streamlined and progressive approach you will be able to reduce overheads, increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Fed up of seeing existing customers using other platforms that cost you for nothing other than convenience? The only way to change that relationship and in turn take back control is to match or better it, we have seen it over and over again, so we are more than happy to share our insights there too, we are on your side after all.

When you have everything in hand, covered and organised it makes it so much easier to focus on other things like the quality of service or the staff support you are delivering, as just 2 examples of the many hats worn. This leads into a more resilient, reliable and effective operation versus them round the corner who are stressing every day over their website, apps, epos, bookings, staffing and so on.

Time is also something we never have enough of, again however with some simple automations and the strength of having everything together, hours a day can be saved from multiple areas, this can mean reduced costs, extra time to re-invest, better working conditions or other things along the same lines. All of this falls into place when we are not stressing about all the little components needed to make the business run smoothly.

Salon Tech is designed to help you reduce stress, save time and money, manage your customer base, appointments and staff, and enable you to show off your salon in the best light when customers find you online, whilst making it easy for them to book with you.

See how Till Tech can be implemented into every area of your salon, to automate, increase efficiency, reduce errors and above all, allow you to focus on delivering a 1st class experience to your customers with Till Tech by your side.

  • Website and Mobile App
  • Live Online Booking
  • Multiple Appointment Booking
  • EPOS and Calendar Management
  • Tiered Pricing
  • Marketing Tools (Email/Push and SMS Marketing)
  • Loyalty Points
  • Deposits on bookings
  • Automated Reminders via email, app notification and SMS
  • Integrated Payments (Google and Apple Pay)
  • Centralized Reports
  • Staff Management - Rota's, Clock in and Out, Holidays and absences
  • Multiple Locations Supported
  • and so much more with Salon Tech

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