Cracking Easter Marketing Ideas
27 March

Cracking Easter Marketing Ideas

Easter is the perfect marketing opportunity for hospitality businesses like restaurants, pubs etc. Customers expect an experience with their food and drink, and Easter offers a number of fun and unique ways to promote your business.

With this blog, we’ll give a few of our favourite Easter-themed ways you can bring customers to your business. If implemented correctly, you can secure custom for years to come.

Offer a Special Multi-Course Menu

Easter is a popular time for families to go out and eat together. Often families will take advantage of this and organise get togethers. Offering a multi-meal special can entice customers that don’t fancy cooking for all their friends and family.

Activities For Children

As Easter is a family-focused holiday, it’s important to take children into consideration when you plan your marketing programme for it. There are a number of different child-friendly activities you can implement at your business to attract families.

Easter Egg Hunts, Egg Painting, Hiring an Easter Bunny are a few ideas.

Easter-Themed Competition

Competitions are so popular for customers and Easter offers a great opportunity to run your own. All you need to do is to come up with a challenge and a reward.

This could be a multiple-choice Easter question and a coupon for a free meal at your establishment. You could add an extra dimension to your competition by offering your customers an extra entry if they follow your business on social media.

Limited Time Easter Special Items

Encourage customers to indulge in the spirit of Easter by offering special easter items on the menu. Whether it's a new look for a previous product or a brand new Easter limited time special! Drive up hype and a sense of rush with it only being around for a certain amount of time!

Be Prepared for the Easter Rush

Easter is a busy time for restaurants and it’s important you’re prepared for it. TillTech is designed to take the stress out of running your business!