April 2022 Content Calendar
April 2022 Content Calendar
30 March

From April Fools Day to St George's Day make sure you don’t miss an oppurtunity to connect with your customer base this month!

April is full of days to celebrate and enjoy with your followers!

We keep shouting about how important Content Marketing is for marketers to increase lead attraction and conversion.

Keeping content fresh and relevant is no easy feat - so we have created a calendar to help with inspiration on what you can be posting about throughout each month!

Celebrating a few national days can be a great chance to raise awareness and a connection with your customers - increasing your bond and loyalty. Whether your blogs/posts are informative or driving to discounts there are numerous ways to generate interaction that wouldn't have existed before.

Where should I use this content?

  • BLOGS - First you will need to start by tailoring these ideas to relate the holiday to your business/products/services, you can then add these to your blog and share across social media (if the content shared to social media has an air of mystery it will improve engagement and click-through rates to your website which in turn will help with SEO and your google ranking)

  • EMAILS AND PUSH NOTIFICATIONS - You can take this a step further and reach out to your customer database via email/push notifiactions to remind people you exist driving brand awareness and customer lifetime value with your fresh offers and info (dont resend the same message).

  • SMS - You could even send an SMS though this isnt recommended to be done often, people can find this invasive

  • SEO - Fresh content on your blogs will help your google ranking too - especially if any post go viral. Try to rememebr to squeeze in as many key search terms that you can, while remaining relevant

  • PROMOTIONS - Link the national days or informative features to promotions or rewards to convert sales