Card Cracking - What is it?
19 May

Card Cracking - What is it?

A card cracking attack is carried out against a websites payment processing to test the validity of thousands of stolen credit card numbers, it is an online threat where bots are used to input credit and debit card information and repeatedly attempt to put through payments at very low value to not attract attention with multiple different card numbers in order to find missing values for stolen credit or debit card data, this can be the expiry date, the security code or even the card number itself. Think of it as code cracking finding the card details that do work through thousands of automated attempts.

In 2014 card cracking was responsible for $11.6 million in stolen funds. The goal behind card crackings is to sell hacked card details on the dark web, or to purchase goods using that stolen payment card data.

This is why during the online checkout process you must confirm your card details, billing details and also 3D secure validation. In the background payment processors are filtering and scanning for any suspect activity.

Tilltech has security in place that will prevent this happening. After 3 failed attempts at paying, customers will need to complete a reCAPTCHA and if they fail on that, they won’t be able to proceed.

If any payments have managed to get through (which is very unlikely) – they are often small amounts (less than £1), we recommend refunding them asap. This will prevent any chargebacks that may incur costs.

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