5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Till Tech for your Restaurant or Takeaway?
12 Sept

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Till Tech for your Restaurant or Takeaway?

What is it that frustrates you most about running your restaurant? Is it the multiple software tools needed to run it? Is it combining all the reports from these tools? Is it the multiple monthly costs, that escalate as you require new features, tills or locations? Is it that the software doesn’t scale as your business grows? Is it that the quality and flexibility of these tools is poor?

All the above ultimately detract you from having the time to focus on what you need to focus on - Your customers.

Do you want to reduce the amount of time doing admin work? Do you want a website and mobile app that accurately and beautifully represents your business and provides all the tools you need? Do you want an EPOS that is fully integrated into your tools?

Till Tech is your solution!

1. Till Tech Provides it all

Till Tech is a software platform that provides all the tools to enhance and operate your business more efficiently:

  • Your own Website and Mobile Phone Applications
  • Online Ordering and Table Booking
  • EPOS, Stock Control, Deposits, Gift Cards, Loyalty Schemes
  • Kitchen Management
  • Driver Management
  • Marketing
  • Employee Management and Jobs
  • Accounts
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Loyalty Schemes
  • And much more..

2. All our tools are integrated with each other

Till Tech has been created from the ground up to seamlessly provide these tools and manage them from one location, one login. All stats and figures are combined into your reporting tools making it easy and quick to understand how your business is performing.

Another benefit of the system being fully integrated is our Do-it-Once philosophy. Save time by updating your products and services centrally and see the changes instantly appear on your Website, Apps and Point of Sale

3. Easy To Use – Easy To Train

Our software is so intuitive it takes minutes, rather than days to train your staff on how to use Till Tech. Process sales, access bookings, changing products, stock control and more easily accessible. Not only that new staff will be able to easily be trained, reducing training costs and time to train across all staff.

4. Your Data belongs to YOU!

For far too long online ordering services have been collecting your customer data, leaving you unable to further market your products to these customers. Customer data is critical to the ongoing success of any business, to be able to directly market to them and avoid having to pay the high % fees that the online ordering services charge.

We help you to convert these customers on to your own Mobile App and Website, allowing you to avoid having to pay high % fees on their purchases and give you your data so you can market your products and offers directly to them, driving footfall into your store.

5. Till Tech Scales with You

Till Tech was designed from the outset with Multi Location Management already in mind. Opening a new location. Easy – Simply add another location and this will update your website and immediately make your menu, products and services available to sell from the new location. Simply install your new hardware and start serving your new customer base.

Till Tech offers a powerful solution for your business needs

Find out more by calling our expert team on 0871 22 11 300 – or visit our website and fill in the contact form to request a free demo.