How to register a new domain name

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1. Choose your domain name

Choosing a domain name is like choosing a company name — it requires a lot of thought and consideration. Your domain name is your identity on the web. You want to make sure you choose a name that not only fits your business but is also easy to find and promote. If you need help choosing a domain name, read on.

What makes a great domain name?

Some points to consider when selecting your domain name are:-

  • Available - lots of good domain name have already been purchased
  • Short – Ten characters or under is ideal
  • Easy to type and remeber – No abbreviations or unusual spellings
  • No numbers or hyphens – They make it hard to remember your name
  • Unique – You don’t want to violate existing trademarks with your domain
  • What other results will appear when you search this domain name
  • Localisation - What are y our future scale plans - dont limit yourself to one area unless that is the goal

2. Email the details of your preferred domain through to so that we can secure it for you before someone else (domains are locked for 60 days when purchased)

Please note you remain owner of the domain even if we purchase on your behalf.

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